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Build IPDOS (tm).

Right click anywhere on an unoccupied part of the Windows Desktop (the blue area), hover your pointer over "New", and click on "Shortcut".

Type "cmd" and press the Enter key oo times to close the dialog.

Open the new shortcut icon that you just created, named "cmd", by double clicking on it.

Type "ideafarm" (without quotes) and press the Enter key.

Each time you see "Press any key to continue . . .", read what has just been displayed and then press a key.

When the window for IdeaFarm (tm) Elves opens, Elves will begin to build IPDOS (tm). Maximize that window by clicking the large box at top right, being careful to not click the X. Eventually, you will see lots of five bigit numbers displayed, and then a window for IdeaFarm (tm) Adam will open, and then a window for IdeaFarm (tm) Eve will open. When Adam and Eve are finished, they will close, and the window for Elves will prompt you to select either "anonymous" or "ideafarm_wo". Press the 'a' key to select "anonymous". Elves will display a line of selections, beginning with "adamlow". Press the Esc key to close Elves, and key "exit" and then press the Enter key to close the command window. You have just built IPDOS (tm).