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To build and install IPDOS (tm), complete the following steps:

  1. Do this with a buddy. Do this together in community, helping each other. IPDOS (tm) is for everyone, not just computer nerds.

  2. Choose a local device. Decide which local device (e.g. "C:") you want to use to store the clone of "ideafarm/ideafarm.home.1".

  3. Install GitHub Desktop. Install GitHub Desktop from "https://desktop.github.com/".

  4. Download. Clone repository "ideafarm/ideafarm.home.1" to "X:\ideafarm.home.1", where X is the letter of the device that you chose.

  5. Edit a system setting. Add a particular folder to your computer's PATH environment variable.

  6. Build. Build IPDOS (tm).

  7. Install. Install IPDOS (tm).

  8. Edit a service setting. Edit the service settings to tell Windows that you do not want it to launch IPDOS (tm) automatically.

  9. Close. Close the service and watch all of its processes go away.

  10. Report any problems. Please report any problems or defects by opening an issue on GitHub.